Friday, October 23, 2009

Upcoming Calendar

Coming Soon a racing calendar with all ultra distance triathlons, running, cycling races. This valuabe resource will provide actual athlete ratings with respect to course difficulty (statistic snapshot), course conditions/terrain, destination for extended vacation, low key vs. large scale race, entry fee and specific focus on best value races. A rating scale will be created based on a series of topics and can be used to evaluate future races.

It will be a one-stop resource center for endurance athletes to coordinate planning their race seasons.

Additonal enhancements will include all races from 10K and longer in every state in the U.S. and then eventually to international destination races.

2 Weeks Before the DECA

Tomorrow, gearing up for last big weekend before the DECA Triathlon (10 X Ironman in 10 days) in Monterrey Mexico. One more 3 hour run and 6 hour ride then a reduced week of mileage next week. Countdown is on 2 weeks till we leave for Monterrey.