Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wayne's Top 8 Updates of RaceTwitch.com

A lot has been going on at RaceTwitch.com over the last few months and we are excited for the rollout of several new items for 2011.

It’s been amazing from the beginning concept of RaceTwitch during the 2009 Deca Ironman in Mexico (lot’s of time to think while racing for 10 days!) where we are today 11 months later.

1. Beyond The Ironman - My first book outlining what it takes to train and race in the world of ultra-triathlons. coming out beginning of 2011.

2. RaceTwitch.com Iphone Application - released the first version last month, check it out at Itunes Store

3. RaceTwitchreg.com - Our new unique Free Online Race Registration resource for Race Directors will be launched in another month or so.

4. RaceTwitch.com Training Camps - Slovenia - (July 2011) 3 separate comprehensive camps in an absolute amazing area of alp regions and of course exploring this beautiful country. Agenda/website coming soon!

5. RacePeak - New training/coaching resource coming in 2011

6. Mental Training Performance coaching - Coming in 2011

7. Comprehensive Marketing/Partnering services for worldwide races - Rolled out last month with the goal of exposing more people to great races.

8. RaceTwitch Club Meetup - First meeting in NYC last month - looking at adding more cities through 2011 - let me know if interested having one in your area.

If you need more information on anything above as well as idea’s or interests, please don’t hesitate to email me at wayne.kurtz@racetwitch.com