Monday, October 25, 2010

Mental Training Technique to Incorporate in your Racing

Have you incorporated mental training skills into your training and racing? We all hear professional athletes talk about how important it becomes to their overall performances!

Remember some of the the toughest mental athletes, Mark Allen, Dave Scott at the Hawaii Ironman years ago, of course Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong with all the Tour de France wins, and there are so many more.

The question is what specific mental performance training skills can you learn and use with your endurance racing. Personally, I use a bunch of different things and one I would like to pass on to you that you might want to use during your race.

I call it my “rope technique”. Other’s call it the magnet concept. It’s a very simple concept that has worked for me for years. The technique can be implemented when you are at a crucial part of your specific race - for example: the last 5-6 miles in a marathon, key part of a cycling race to maintain pace with the “pack” on a major climb, the middle sections of the run in a triathlon, etc., focus on a competitor that is in front of you that you can see up the road and imagine they have a rope around their wast and their energy is pulling you along.

The other thought is to think of them with a magnet on their back and you are “sticking” to them. It might sound crazy if you have not practiced this basic mental training technique, but it works! Just focus on the competitor and create a mental vision of them pulling you along.

If you tell yourself that they are doing all the work and use their energy to keep you maintaining their pace. Practice it regularly and you will see the results, especially late into a race when you are pushing the pace. Of course you can call it and create a picture of anything to have the same benefits of using a competitors energy to pull you along and the next thing you know you will be passing them!

Have fun and don’t forget to add mental performance training techniques into your overall training program. If interested in specific mental performance coaching, please free free to email me at