Friday, April 30, 2010

Top 5 Reasons To Add All-Night Runs to Your Training Program

For many of us, it's the time of the year to add some night runs to simulate running with a headlamp in preparation for the upcoming summer 100 mile or longer trail races. Summer time running at night in warm temperatures is just heaven. There is nothing like running in the evening and watching the sunrise after some of the "long" tough mental miles during the night. How many times have you said "Can't wait till it gets dark as the race really begins now" and "Can't wait till the sun comes up so I can turn this headlight/flashlight off and feel alive again".

1. Prepares you for getting used to watching the "bobbing or moving" light on the ground for hours and hours just like the race.
2. Nothing like doing an all night run on a Friday night through Sat. morning and then have the whole day Sat. for your spouse and kids.
3. Running at night provides amazing sites and sounds as the "night" animals come alive!
4. Falling and Stumbling experience at night so you know what to expect race day.
5. Sleep is overrated.

Think of adding an all-night run to your training program. They are a blast and also provides the added benefit of sleep deprivation training. Of course many benefits of all-night cycling as well especially with no traffic if your on the roads. Be safe out there and have a blast in the dark!