Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Great Race Season

We all race for many reasons and it's always interesting to ask other's what makes a great race season.  Of course the obvious one's:   no injuries, setting a PR at a particular event, knocking off a dream race, etc.

These are my top 10 Items for a Great Race Season (no specific order)

1.  I race/complete every event on the schedule depending on how it's classified (A, B, or C)
2.  DNF is never an option and remaining injury free
3.  Push for a high ranking in the IUTA - ultra distance triathlon points series
4.  Compete in a minimum of 2 great events in Europe
5.  Finish and race well in my most important race, the DECA Iron
6.  Meet new friends that are passionate about racing
7.  Completing a few ultra fun runs
8.  Experiencing a race where I have to dig very deep mentally
9.  Finish a long event strong with a focus on no-tapering and tired legs to prepare for the A race
10. Follow my mantra in every race, "I  will persist until I succeed"

Getting ready for the season, I am!!   Train hard.