Friday, February 26, 2010

10 Favorite Body Weight Strength Exercises for Endurance Athletes

Many of us have incorporate strength training at this time of the year (pre-season) for preparation of the upcoming racing season. It’s always important to remember that intensive strength training (especially with the use of weights) should be reduced as the mileage and intervals are increased in preparation for the racing season. For example, during pre-season training strength training might include 3-4 sessions per week and will reduce to 1-2 sessions per week to ensure recovery for the specific sport discipline training. The various internet websites (YouTube) make it very easy to review the exercises to ensure that you have the correct form. For those with Iphone’s, check out a nifty application called iFitness ($1.99 download fee) and has over 230 exercises with video’s, descriptions and daily log.

Here are my top Ten (body weight) strength training exercises (no machines necessary):

1. Hindu Squats – Great quad power builder and aerobic work – build up to 200 or more reps! – check out link for description
2. Squat Thrusts – these are killer – see if you can build up to 75-100 (fast but good form)
3. Wall Sit - Build to 2 minutes
4. Pushups – there are so many different ways to do them, check out this site to get up to 100 pushups,, try pushup jacks (search on web)
5. Plank – build up to hold for 3 minutes and your abs will be very strong,
6. Jump Rope (speed sessions) – build up to 5 minutes, I just love this jump rope and watching the best – Buddy Lee (amazing!),
7. Reverse Crunch – build to a set of 50,
8. Mountain Climbers – build up to 100 total (50 for each leg),
9. Superman’s, build to a set of 20 “holds”,
10. Bicycle Crunch, build to 1 minute (fast and high rev’s per minute),

Of course there are so many exercises to add to your strength sessions. Try the above set 2 times through and you will enjoy the “burn”!