Thursday, January 13, 2011

All Night Ride Workout, Indoor Trainer - Start time 12AM Friday evening

Ok this is going to be a tough workout for sure.   9 hours all night.   Let's see what kind of shape we are in to just get through it.  Always a good time to see where your fitness is and why not go for something big!

The strength and aerobic benefits are immense for off-season base building.  Do as much as you can.

Level 1 60% target heart rate, Level 2 70% target heart rate, Level 3 80% target heart rate
Level 4. 85-90 percent target heart rate

30 minutes level 1
30 minutes 3 x 5 minutes at level 3 sweet spot, recover 2 minutes between each
Off bike 100 Hindu squats
1 hours at target heart rate level 2
Off bike 100 Hindu squats
2 hours with 5  15 minutes level 3 pushes with 7 minute recovery between each
off bike 100 Hindu squats
3 hours at level 2 high rpm's.  Each hour jump off and perform 100 Hindu squats
(total 300 Hindu squats)
2 hours 5x 4 minutes at level 4 , 4 minute recovery between each very easy gear
high rpm's
110 Hindu squats
Drink, stretch recover,  totals: 9 hours riding, 710 Hindu squats

Let's have fun!  Questions - email me at

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is the #1 Must-Have food related item you need race day?

There are so many different products and fueling sources available on the market to be used to provide the necessary nutrients and energy for endurance based sports. If you look at all the various thing in your race nutrition toolkit, what is it that is mandatory for you to race at the highest level.

I remember many years ago that the Power Bar was my key food item as it brought me “back” many times when I was feeling bad in a long race. After eating so many of them I became tired of taste and moved on to other products. I would guess that we all have seen shifts in our race nutrition strategy over the years. Of course the most important ingredient is to ensure you have the appropriate kind and amount of calories to maintain energy levels. Another way to look at this question is what one item (food related - not water) would you want to have in the event of lost luggage while traveling to your key race. Also, assume there are no opportunities to purchase or ship the key food item before the race.

This one had me thinking, but I would have to say it would be my homemade peanut butter granola bars!

What do you think - please let me know your thoughts and feel free to email me at or post on RaceTwitch Fan page!