Monday, August 16, 2010

Handheld Running Water Bottle Product Review

Recently I received the CAMELBAK QUICK GRIP® W/PODIUM® CHILL JACKET running water bottle at a recent race in the free "goodie" bag and found it to be of exceptional quality. Personally, I have run with a handheld water bottle for years and have tested many models with all of them functional but not many specific differentiators. Over the years, many of the manufacturers have continued to improve the holders by adding small compartments on the holder to allow room for gels, small energy bar, electrolytes, keys, etc. Also, there are several that promise non-slip from sweaty hands (in my opinion they don't work) and have used new types of materials to absorb sweat.

One continuous problem with handheld water bottles occurs during hot weather and the liquid gets very warm relatively quickly because of the body heat of the hand holding the bottle, no matter how much ice you add to the bottle. This is where the CAMELBAK QUICK GRIP® W/PODIUM® CHILL JACKET stands apart from the various models. Originally my thought was would it actually work in hot conditions for extended long runs. To my surprise, the bottle keeps liquids cold for extended periods of time. Recently, I used the bottle for a hot 100 mile run and the water remained cold from aid station to aid station in hot, humid conditions. In my opinion it's the best in the marketplace if you like to have cold liquids when running. The only item that could be improved is the size of the pouch to hold a gel. It's difficult to store even one gel and get it zippered when you have your hand in the holder.

Capacity and Weight:

Pack body: 70D diamond Ripstop and air mesh.
Hydration Capacity: 21 oz Podium™ Chill Jacket™ Bottle.
Dimensions: 7"H x 4"W x 3"D.
Weight: Full Bottle: 1.42 lbs.

This Camelbak product is definitely a winner in my opinion, check it out!