Thursday, August 5, 2010

The 10% Factor for your Endurance Training

We have all hear the statement, "give an extra 10%" in all aspects of life. For example, if your in sales, make the extra 10% over the standard with sales calls, give a little more than 10% to charity, reduce calories by an extra 10%, etc. You get the point. The question is what's the impact of adding 10% to your workouts and the potential for improvement on race day.

The mental aspects of embedding the 10% rule into the daily workouts can provide significant advantages when the race gets difficult through the many "up's and down's". Some examples I like to use are the following:

1. Interval sets in any discipline. If the goal was to do 10, then focus mentally and push for one more or 10%
2. Strength training - add 10% more in terms of sets or reps
3. Hill repeats, add 10% more to the total
4. Add 10% of total time to every ride or run.
5. Visualization Training for race day - practice an an additional 10% every day in terms of time.

There are many other's to consider while working out. The improvements mentally by following the 10% addition rule can definitely have impact on race performance. Of course it's difficult to use the 10% rule to every workout, but think of incorporating into several workouts each week. No, it's not going to guarantee that when you are at mile 80 in a 100 mile run or mile 18 in the Ironman run that you can just turn it on and fly to the finish, but it can be an influencer to getting through the rough patches as the subconscious mind has been trained to go through tough spots in training.

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