Friday, April 1, 2011

Wayne's Weekend Workouts - WWW

These are my workouts for the weekend.  Give them a try or add or modify to your existing workouts for some variety.   What are you doing this weekend if your not racing, love to hear,


4hrs of endurance enhancing ride - much of ride will be aerobic at 60-70% of max HR or 50-60% of LT  watts.  I will include a few 20-30 minute efforts at a nice strong aerobic tempo effort.  - Goal: Finish with last hour stronger than first hour.   This ride will be done on the indoor bike trainer.


3 Hours of strong aerobic hilly trail run.   The run will include 15-17 hill repeats (3 minute climbs) around the 2 Hour point of the run.  The ups should be strong aerobic with recovery jog on the way down.   Run strong after the hill repeats to finish and then perform immediately 350 Hindu Squats, 10 minutes of jumping rope (double jumping and one- legged) finish with 15 minutes easy spinning cool down on the bike to flush the legs.

Short and sweet with only two workouts this weekend.  Long race season ahead and can't wait till start pushing up the distance later in the spring!  Enjoy your workouts this weekend.

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