Friday, May 6, 2011

Wayne's Weekend Workouts - WWW

These are my workouts for the weekend.  Give them a try or add or modify to your existing workouts for some variety.  This is the time to start focusing on longer workouts for me.
What are you doing this weekend?  Love to hear,   
8 hrs  "aerobic" bike - Relaxed ride and the goal is just to spend a lot of time on the bike.  The effort will be  something all day and night.
Immediately after finishing the ride - 300 Hindu Squats, 2 sets of 25 Burpee's (if your not familiar with them check it out online for a demonstration).

2 hrs Fat Utilizer bike. The aerobic ride will include 2X15 minutes Level 2 pace, 2 X10 minutes Level 2 pace , 2 X 5 minutes Level 2 pace.   I will take 5 minutes between each rep easy.  These are not intervals but aerobic enhancers.
4 hrs run - This will be done right after the bike ride.  The run will be a mix of trails and roads including 4 X 15 minutes at marathon pace with a 10 minute easy job between each.  The goal is to hold exact marathon pace - not faster or slower.  Need to focus on dialing in the pace.  This is for preparation for the 10 marathons for the Deca Iron later this year.

Enjoy your weekend!

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